When We Tri(al)

We are 41% more likely to die from breast cancer than white women.

Know the facts. Change the numbers. When we tri(al), we make a difference in breast cancer research.

When we tri(al), we save Black lives.
Without our participation in clinical trials, Black women won’t be considered when it comes to life-saving cancer drugs. Together, we can have a voice in research. Together, we can demand better treatments and change the game for Black women, our community, and generations to come.

This is our movement to advance breast cancer science for Black women.
Because the vast majority of people who participate in clinical trials are white, there simply is not enough research about how breast cancer treatments work for Black women, or how we experience breast cancer differently. We deserve better. When We Tri(al) is a call to action for our fierce, resilient community of Black women.

We can’t change the past, but we will change the future.
Our mistrust of medical research and the healthcare system is real–they have earned our skepticism. It is now up to us to demand better care for ourselves, our families, and our community. We can’t let fear stop us from advancing the science for Black Breast Cancer and saving Black lives.
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We’re a movement by Black Blessties, for Black Blessties. No one wants a breast cancer diagnosis, but becoming a Blesstie means that you’re part of our beloved family. And as always, we must count on each other to save ourselves. Join our movement by signing up to get emails with the facts about clinical trials and Black Breast Cancer. Together, we will give Black women a voice in research and demand better treatments to save lives.
About TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance
TOUCH, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance is bringing together organizations from all corners of healthcare to address this important challenge in new ways. TOUCHBBCA drives collaborative efforts across the breast cancer ecosystem to work towards the common goal of eradicating Black Breast Cancer. We host The Doctor Is In–the premiere Black Breast Cancer web series with an annual viewership of 3 million– and talk one-on-one with Black Blessties every single day. Check out all of our work at www.touchbbca.org.
Our Funders
With the generous support of our industry partners who share our vision to enhance health equity, we have developed these clinical trial education resources to make a difference in the lives of Black women with breast cancer.