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When we tri(al), we make a difference in breast cancer research.
We know that finding a clinical trial that fits you can be challenging. It’s always a good idea to start by asking your oncologist if they know of any clinical trials that would be suitable for your unique situation. If your doctors aren’t knowledgeable about clinical trials, ask if they know another doctor they can refer you to.
In addition to talking with your doctors, our vetted partners work every day to make finding a clinical trial easier for Black Breasties.
To get started, you can search for trials through these free and trusted resources: has an online matching tool to help you find breast cancer clinical trials that are right for you. If you’re looking for a clinical trial for metastatic breast cancer, you can use the Metastatic Breast Cancer Trial Search tool, which is run by the same team.

Advantage of this tool: get results immediately based on your survey responses
Who this is great for: Breasties beginning to explore clinical trials as an option and want to see what is out there.

The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation offers two clinical trial matching services to help connect TNBC patients with trials that match their exact diagnosis, stage and treatment history.

Advantage of this tool: immediately search through TNBC-specific trials
Who this is great for: TNBC Breasties beginning to explore clinical trials as an option and want to see what is out there.

MBC Connect—created by the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance—is a patient experience registry where you can share info about your diagnosis and treatment history to help advance research and get potential matches to clinical trials.

Advantage of this tool: get quick, tailored results based on your specific survey responses
Who this is great for: members of the metastatic breast cancer community looking for an interactive clinical trial and general health information tool.

Ciitizen Clinical Trial Matching is an in depth tool that explores your eligibility based on your detailed clinical information located in your medical records. Not only does Ciitizen request and collect all your medical records and scans for you, they will also provide a custom clinical trial matching report to you.

Advantage of this tool: in depth, accurate matches
Who this is great for: Breasties who want to understand what options they may have in the future. This service takes 1-2 months to complete so not for those who need urgent input.

The Ciitizen clinical trial matching service currently supports the following patients:
Metastatic / Stage 4 patients who:
1. Have completed chemotherapy, hormone therapy and/ or radiation therapy
2. Have been told that the cancer did not respond to their most recent treatment (stayed the same or grew bigger)
3. Do not have multiple cancer diagnoses