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I choose Black Breast Health because protecting my gurls means protecting all Black gurls.
Black women under 35 get breast cancer at two times the rate of white women and die at three times the rate.
Black women under 30 die from breast cancer at 4x the rate of white women.
While 92% of Black women agree breast health is important and 25% of Black women have recently discussed it, only 17% have taken steps to understand their risk.
Too often young, Black women unaware of their risk are dismissed by doctors and end up with delayed, more advanced breast cancer diagnoses. We created For the Love of My Gurls to speak up—we must talk about breast health to save each other. It’s up to us to take care of our gurls.
I unlock my HERstory by talking with my family about our shared health history to know my personal risk.
I get to know my gurls as an act of self-care.
#checkyourbreasts #knowyournormal #coppingafeel
80% of young women diagnosed with breast cancer find a lump themselves*
*or a partner notices it for them